Annie Elizabeth Erlandson (illegalalien) wrote in cult_of_annie,
Annie Elizabeth Erlandson

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Morning Revelations

Good morning, Faithful Few. Or should I say Faithful Two. Never mind. During my Most Divine Slumber last night Elijah revealed something to me. Unfortunately I cannot remember what it was. Do not be concerned, children, this is merely a test of our faith. Also, brethren, forget not that Elijah loves those who find new members.

Bing-bang-wadda-wadda-bing-bang! It has come back to me! Elijah revealed to me the identity of the Enemy. The enemy is currently incarnated in the form of a young European male. This young male is destined to become a figurehead ruler of a strange land where people use funny words such as "bloke" and "bloody" and "tea." Behold, my Most Precious Ones, the enemy is evil, but we have nothing to fear, for Elijah is with us.
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