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elijah news

i found this on the smashing pumpkins message board ( i didn't write this. i only wish i did):

elijah wood (lord of the rings) was waiting in line a few people behind me to get the gh. I went up to him and he was so fucken cool. I used to be obsessed with him, before iwas even inot the pumpkins and i had read a few years back that he was a hardcore sp fan and well now its been confirmed, he was a sweetie, gave me an autograph."jenny, much love, god bless the pumpkins, elijah wood"
i nearly spazzzed you dont understand i used to adore this boy, i was such a dork too hes the one who asked me about the gh and he asked me about zwan and what not , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, im so happy. omg. he is beautiful by the way. and so fucken nice and down to earth.
*bangs head on table for acting like a 13 year old girl*

that lucky bitch. ELIJAH IS SO COOL! smashing pumpkins is my favorite band of all time and i knew he liked them but thats awesome he bought the cd the day it came out! awwww <33

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