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The Incredible Flying Cult of Annie's Journal
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in The Incredible Flying Cult of Annie's LiveJournal:

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Friday, March 15th, 2002
5:05 pm

katsy3 got their NeoPet at http://www.neopets.com

This is the site that I use to experiment with unreal economics. I don't know why I'm in the community, but I saw it on my list, so I thought I had better post.
Wednesday, January 9th, 2002
3:02 pm
Hi kiddies
Okay, those of you who care (ha!)have noticed that I have deleted my personal LJ account (illegalalien). This is because I don't feel like doing the whole LJ type thang anymore and I don't feel like having all my personal shite floating around in webby world to be bandied about like Dr. Laura's nudies thirty years from now when I run for POTUS or dictator or whatever we gots, dig? So, like I'm totally aware no one cares and stuff, but I originally started this bootiful place as a community of self-worship (hence the name "cult_of_annie") and the whole Elijah-type-thang was totally secondary and afterthoughtish, but I don't think anyone really got that (I'm like so misunderstood! always!) so basically wud I be saying here is if anyone be wanting to like take charge of this thang, E-MAIL ME AND I WILL GIVE YOU THE PASSWORD! Sorry you can't do nuttin' 'bout da name-type-thang, but y'all can make dis another trendy Elijah-worship joint if ya wants. So much for selling flowers.


K...I be riding off into the proverbial sunset to find me a new semi-obscure but amazingly talented cowboy to fall in love with until he becomes trendy. Adios, amoebas.

Current Mood: schizophrenic
Tuesday, January 1st, 2002
10:02 pm
4:46 pm
yup. new here.
I love really like Elijah.

Current Mood: happies
Tuesday, December 4th, 2001
11:08 pm
here are some anagrams of elijah's full name:

John doe or jaw laid.
Hajji on a lewd odor.
Do join held or a jaw.
Now drooled a hajji.
Oh! Lord! a joined jaw.
Jaw do honored jail.
Now. Hajji eldorado.
Eh! join jaw lad odor.

all i have to say is what the fuck is a hajji? i like the one that has eldorado.. it made me laugh.
and here are some of the words you can make out of his name:

and the best one:
i read an article online yesterday where elijah admitted that he bites his fingernails and toenails. hahaha i would love to see him with his toe in his mouth. that has to be hysterical.
(i'm sure he would still look hot.)
Saturday, December 1st, 2001
1:30 am
I am posting this on behalf of Gwen. I hope she is happy.

Greetings, Heathens!
I have a proposal for you.
On behalf of the esteemed Not-So-Cultish-Admirers of Prince William, we ask that we be given an ambassador from your cult. To determine this, we have a challenge for you. That who can answer the following questions earns this honored position and also earns a new picture of Elijah for your cult. Answer these:
1. Where was LOTR shot?
2. How many days did it take?
3. How old is Elijah Wood?
4. Does he or does he not have a tatoo?
5. What must he confess about LOTR?
6. What obstacle did he face in getting the part?
7. Why did he have to get up at 5:30 every morning?
8. Why is Prince William hotter than Elijah Wood?
9. What was the name of Prince William's preschool?
10 . What university does Prince William attend?
11. How is Elijah like a hobbit and Wills like a hobbit but at the same time not at all?

To honor your leader, answer these questions.
Thank you.

The esteemed Ambassador from PWN (prince william noncult)
Monday, November 26th, 2001
8:46 pm
hey babyyyyy
hello fellow cult members. does anyone have any suggestions for good monologues? I need one for district competion.
Friday, November 23rd, 2001
11:46 pm
Invader Ace
I have decided that the best band in the world is from Japan, their name: Guitar Wolf. Kick ass rock music. Please, brothers and sister's watch thier video. http://launch.yahoo.com/musicvideos/player/default.asp?videoID=161014
Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
1:21 pm
elijah news
i found this on the smashing pumpkins message board ( i didn't write this. i only wish i did):

elijah wood (lord of the rings) was waiting in line a few people behind me to get the gh. I went up to him and he was so fucken cool. I used to be obsessed with him, before iwas even inot the pumpkins and i had read a few years back that he was a hardcore sp fan and well now its been confirmed, he was a sweetie, gave me an autograph."jenny, much love, god bless the pumpkins, elijah wood"
i nearly spazzzed you dont understand i used to adore this boy, i was such a dork too hes the one who asked me about the gh and he asked me about zwan and what not , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, im so happy. omg. he is beautiful by the way. and so fucken nice and down to earth.
*bangs head on table for acting like a 13 year old girl*

that lucky bitch. ELIJAH IS SO COOL! smashing pumpkins is my favorite band of all time and i knew he liked them but thats awesome he bought the cd the day it came out! awwww <33


Current Mood: sick
Monday, November 19th, 2001
11:54 pm
Merry Monday, fellow believers! I trust you all had an enjoyable weekend. In exactly one month Elijah's latest accomplishment, "Lord of the Rings" opens in theaters. I, for one, cannot wait until that blessed day to offer him my sacrifice of $4.

Greetings to our new member, Wendy! Having read her journal I am impressed by her devotion to the Most Attractive One. I am appointing her Official High Priestess. She will have the honor of assisting me when I journey to Los Angeles to offer a virgin sacrifice to Elijah.

I am appointing Daniella Official Style Coordinator to replace our lost brother, Will. I have no doubt that she will do a much better job of it.

Our Official Punk Rocker suggested we take a theme song. While traditionally cults do not have theme songs, this is not a traditional cult. Therefore I move we adopt his suggestion. I will allow you, comrades, to assist in the chosing of a song. Derek has suggested two, now I will suggest two more: Paula Abdul's "Forever Your Girl" and the Cranberries' "Ridiculous Thoughts." What is so special about these two songs? Research and discover, my friends, then report back to me!

That is all for tonight, dear ones. Take care, and may Elijah be with you always!

Current Mood: horny
Saturday, November 17th, 2001
4:39 pm
please don't rock me tonight
i worship elijah. a few of my friends have been lucky enough to meet him but of course i wasn't there. :(
sucks to be me!

Current Mood: hi
12:44 am
Can we have a theme song? Wouldn't that be awesome!
We should have a theme song, like MC5's "Kick out the Jams", or Dick Dale's "Missrilou". What do you all think?

Current Mood: energetic
Friday, November 16th, 2001
4:42 pm
Greetings, heathens! I step up on this day to alert you that Prince William is way sexier than Elijah Wood, who is hot nontheless. I hereby resign from my position as Official Style Coordinator of this curse-ed cult to become co-leader (along with Gwen) of the all-new Not-So-Cultish Admirers of Prince William. Toodle-oo! I hope you come to your senses and join our noncult!

Current Mood: optimistic

4:00 pm
Friday announcments
Good afternoon, fellow believers. You may have been concerned at not hearing from your leader recently. I assure that I have been doing Cult work. There is much business to address today. First of all I would like to welcome our newest member! Let us make her feel welcome, brothers and sisters. Any suggestions for jobs are welcome - we all must perform our duties in this family!

Our Official Punk Rocker has been hard at work. He has written a chant to Elijah. It goes as follows:

Hail the savior
To and Fro
That he shall
To and Fro
And he would
To and Fro
Take us to Hollywood

Notice the inspired detail here: Derek used "Fro" as an abreviation for "Frodo", which as we all know is the name of Elijah's character in the upcoming "Lord of the Rings." Good work, Derek!

A non-member has alerted me to the existence of another saint! She posted pictures of him here. Let us hope that this astute observer of male beauty will join The Incredible Flying Cult of Annie!

Finally, a disturbing new group has arisen. They worship the enemy. They are much weaker than we, but it is good that we be aware of their presence.

Be strong my faithful friends!

Current Mood: horny
Thursday, November 15th, 2001
9:24 pm
ok, for some reason i have yet to understand, my last entry is, for lack of a better way of putting it, fucked up.

in the copy i clearly put a pic of chris o'donnell, then did a caption for the elijah pic....yet the chris o'donnell pic is not showing up, and then text concerning elijah has also seemed to disappear. So, it looks as if i was putting the o'donnell caption with the elijah pic, so i just wanted to clear that up before I was beaten.

And being the loser that I am, I can't figure out how to edit community entries, other wise i would fix it. sorry about this.
9:12 pm
eye candy
The official seeker of saints will unfortunately be going camping for the weekend, and will be without computer access for far too long.

In order to make up for this horrible sin, I am posting some pics which I have deemed worthy of our clan. I feel no need to use lj cut since we all wish to view these, however if you feel in the future that using lj cut would please you more, do let me know.

first up: Mr. Brad Pitt:

now we have Mr. Tom Cruise

Our next babe is Chris O'Donnell:

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img [...] <img>') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

The official seeker of saints will unfortunately be going camping for the weekend, and will be without computer access for far too long.

In order to make up for this horrible sin, I am posting some pics which I have deemed worthy of our clan. I feel no need to use lj cut since we all wish to view these, however if you feel in the future that using lj cut would please you more, do let me know.

first up: Mr. Brad Pitt:

<img src="http://imagecache.allposters.com/images/54/039_44145.jpg">

now we have Mr. Tom Cruise

<img src="http://imagecache.allposters.com/images/54/039_35854.jpg">

<img src="http://imagecache.allposters.com/images/54/039_19481_a.jpg">

Our next babe is Chris O'Donnell:

<img src="http://imagecache.allposters.com/images/54/039_16021_a.jpg>"

and we shall finish this little taste of delight with our light, our truth, and our love. Elijah Wood ladies and gentlemen, Elijah Wood.

<img src=http://www.elijahwood.com/tpo2.jpg">

I hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I. If you have anyone in mind that you would like to see, please let me know and I will try my best to find worthy pics. Also, if there is someone you care to NOT see, feel free to inform me of this as well.

-Annie II, the Seeker of Saints

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, November 14th, 2001
9:27 pm
The official Seeker of Saints would like to apologize for not having any worthy guys to post right now. I have been swamped all week long, and it seems that this thing they call a "term-paper" holds some importance and must be worked on.

I shall try my hardest to post so luscious pics for us to stare at very soon.

Please forgive me. I shall say 3 prayers to Elijah as my penance.

Goodnight fellow followers.

Current Mood: busy
Tuesday, November 13th, 2001
10:30 pm
Official Job Titles
Good evening, comrades. Our happy little family increases in number day by day. It has been decreed that each one of us should have a special job. Tonight I bring word from Elijah that Will is to be our Official Style Coordinator. His job will be to create the most pimpin' robes the cult world has ever seen. Derek is to be our Official Punk Rocker. He will write songs in honor of Elijah, and also about the joys of celibacy and oatmeal. Jessica, our amazingly talented sister, will be Official Contraband Supplier. We don't ask where she gets it and she doesn't tell us. Finally, my namesister, Annie II, is to be Official Seeker of Saints. A saint, according the The Incredible Flying Cult of Annie, is any really really hot male celebrity. I trust you will all perform your tasks with joy and efficiency.

It seems I must address the unfortunate appearance of another Antielijah. Indeed, we must pity the poor, misled child. You will notice he seems to be a very unhappy young lad. If he would renounce his Prince William-following ways and join the side of Elijah he would find happiness. But alas, we must pity the fool. Yet remember to be careful around Antielijahs lest you also be caught in their snare!

Goodnight, my beloved. Sleep well, and dream of Elijah.

Current Mood: horny
2:04 pm
i just had to say that this is a wee bit pathetic for a community...

Elijah Wood is a mediocre actor

Current Mood: amused
10:28 am
Morning Revelations
Good morning, Faithful Few. Or should I say Faithful Two. Never mind. During my Most Divine Slumber last night Elijah revealed something to me. Unfortunately I cannot remember what it was. Do not be concerned, children, this is merely a test of our faith. Also, brethren, forget not that Elijah loves those who find new members.

Bing-bang-wadda-wadda-bing-bang! It has come back to me! Elijah revealed to me the identity of the Enemy. The enemy is currently incarnated in the form of a young European male. This young male is destined to become a figurehead ruler of a strange land where people use funny words such as "bloke" and "bloody" and "tea." Behold, my Most Precious Ones, the enemy is evil, but we have nothing to fear, for Elijah is with us.

Current Mood: unafraid
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