Misenchanted (misenchanted) wrote in cult_of_annie,


ok, for some reason i have yet to understand, my last entry is, for lack of a better way of putting it, fucked up.

in the copy i clearly put a pic of chris o'donnell, then did a caption for the elijah pic....yet the chris o'donnell pic is not showing up, and then text concerning elijah has also seemed to disappear. So, it looks as if i was putting the o'donnell caption with the elijah pic, so i just wanted to clear that up before I was beaten.

And being the loser that I am, I can't figure out how to edit community entries, other wise i would fix it. sorry about this.
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You have done well, my child, and I am delighted with the saints you have chosen. You shall dine with the saints when Elijah comes to bring us home.

The teacher sayeth: to edit community posts go to the comments page on that entry (even if there are no comments yet) and select the blue pencil on the blue control panel at the top.
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