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Friday announcments

Good afternoon, fellow believers. You may have been concerned at not hearing from your leader recently. I assure that I have been doing Cult work. There is much business to address today. First of all I would like to welcome our newest member! Let us make her feel welcome, brothers and sisters. Any suggestions for jobs are welcome - we all must perform our duties in this family!

Our Official Punk Rocker has been hard at work. He has written a chant to Elijah. It goes as follows:

Hail the savior
To and Fro
That he shall
To and Fro
And he would
To and Fro
Take us to Hollywood

Notice the inspired detail here: Derek used "Fro" as an abreviation for "Frodo", which as we all know is the name of Elijah's character in the upcoming "Lord of the Rings." Good work, Derek!

A non-member has alerted me to the existence of another saint! She posted pictures of him here. Let us hope that this astute observer of male beauty will join The Incredible Flying Cult of Annie!

Finally, a disturbing new group has arisen. They worship the enemy. They are much weaker than we, but it is good that we be aware of their presence.

Be strong my faithful friends!
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