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The Incredible Flying Cult of Annie
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Welcome to The Incredible Flying Cult of Annie! We're so happy to have you here! We're going to be your new family. We all love you! Annie loves you, too! Annie is our leader. She is the sole prophet of Elijah Wood, sent by him to reveal the truth about all of life's great mysteries, such as what happened to Fiona Apple!

As you become more enlightened, you may be eligible for marriage. Periodically Annie will preside over a mass marriage. You may have heard of other groups that also perform mass marriages. The difference between those groups and The Incredible Flying Cult of Annie is that here you won't marry another person. You get to marry yourself! Doesn't that thought warm the cockles of your heart?

Enough chit-chat! So you're in? Super! Here's your robe and Nikes. Breakfast is at 4 AM, followed by chants from 5-8, daily revelation with Annie until noon lunch, and Elijah Wood films until lights out at 8 PM. Be there or be square!